Bienvenido a Notnormal

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We are a multicultural creative production company based in the United States with offices around the world. Within our unique editorial point of view, craft, grit, and emotions come first.

We develop a novel sense of style and approach to all our projects, from film to photography, from branded content, to film, music videos, and visual digital media.

We’re a group of creators, producers, directors, and writers that strongly believe in a sense of unity and family in pursuit of the original while also taking a stand to include more minorities in our director’s roster as well as in the crew we use.

Why would anyone want to be?

Normal means average.

Or worse yet, Normal means “meh” Anybody can do “normal”, But very few go beyond.


We work with passion and an abnormal amount of willpower.

We’re never satisfied, so we always step outside the rules. And shoot for the unexpected.

We are a multidisciplinary, multi-skilled group of professionals who see the world differently.

Together we achieve the extraordinary.

To us, normal is the ordinary.

Normal is boring. It’s time to change the rules and defy expectations.

The new normal is NOT NORMAL.